Sunday, October 15, 2017

We broke down and bought a different brand of Air Fryer

We ordered the GoWise from Amazon Prime, so we got free shipping, and it was over $60.00 less than that other one.  This one opens and closes very smoothly.  We managed to use it over three times and it still works!  It seems much more durable than that other one. 

The first thing we made were the kale and potato balls.  We may have overdone it on the kale, but what the kale?!  They were yummy!  Okay, and they are much healthier than deviled eggs.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Air fryer?

My husband and I went to an air fryer demo/cooking thing.  We decided to get one and we bought the Power Air Fryer.  We do not recommend this brand.  The pan was difficult to reinsert and during the third use the thing had an E1 error and would not work.  We returned it and received our $159.00 back.  The baked potatoes (2nd use) were very good.  I think maybe if we want French fries, would could decide to splurge and just go out!  It would also help me be thinner, not to have that capability at my fingertips.  Yes, despite the ability to use less or no oil, one can get fat from eating so very many potatoes.  Bad for the blood sugar levels and all that!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Baked Veggie Enchilada!

My husband bought a couple vegetarian cook books 1)Forks over Knives, and 2) Plant Based Cook Book.  Today he made the Baked Enchiladas for dinner.  Wow! They were fabulous!  Then he baked he Nilla Wafers.  Both recipes are from the Plant Based Cook Book, by Trish.  The cookies are yummy and better than Nilla Wafers.  We ate the enchiladas before we thought of taking a photo.  I may remember to take a photo of the cookies in the morning, if there are any left.  Now that my husband has used an actual vanilla bean in a recipe, he is unstoppable!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Egg Plant Tortilla Wraps

Tonight we sliced an egg plant thin and fried it in a tiny bit of olive oil. We sauteed garlic and onions. We put them in whole grain tortillas with lettuce and salsa.  They were fabulous!  Try using egg plant to make your tortillas!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I joined the Continuous Health Improvement Plan at my work.  My husband gets to come to all the meetings and we have been learning a lot about clogged veins and free radicals, and we are learning about letting our food be our medicine and our medicine be our food.  The course came with a text book, work book, and a cook book. 
After you cook the potatoes, you must let them cool,
then you grate them. Do this part in advance.
A week ago, we made the Potato Rosti recipe.  If you plan on having it for breakfast, do prepare the potatoes the night before, so it is quick to make the patties and broil them in the oven.  They were wonderful. 

almond butter; can you believe it?
We made stir fried onions and carrots to go with them.  Because of the potato prep time it took quite awhile to get our breakfast made, but they were yummy.
We stir-fried the onions and carrots,
while the potato patties were in the oven.
They were so enticing, and we waited so long for them
to be finished, I forgot to take a photo until after I
had eaten most of my stir fry!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The best gluten free store bought bread yet!

Isn't it nice, the products just keep getting better for the gluten intolerant and usins that have Celiac Disease?  Yes. Absolutely!  I was recently at a quilting retreat and a friend brought a loaf of gluten free bread.  We were all building sandwiches with cold cuts, cheese, tomatoes, purple onions, condiments, and what-have-you, and I thought it so thoughtful that someone brought gluten free bread.  I had never seen this kind, but it sure beat the socks off the one that was, up until now, my favorite!  It is from the Franz bakery.  I don't have to drive clear across town to purchase it. It is available at Fred Meyer and Albertson's.  Oh, I have made many a good tuna sandwich and PBJ on this very fine, moist wonderful bread, which is the usual slice of bread size instead of the mini slice of bread size that all the gf breads have been since day one of gluten free breadism.  A real size sandwich, with bread that tastes like bread should.  Praise the Franz Gluten Free bread!!  I thought it might be too soft, even after 5 days, to make decent French toast with, but it was wonderful. It was the best French toast I have had since before I could no longer consume gluten.